Rachel Safdie
Rachel SafdieSecretary-General
Dylan Ephron
Dylan EphronUnder-Secretary General
Miya Segal
Miya SegalUnder-Secretary General
Jack Meadows
Jack MeadowsUnder-Secretary General Crisis

American Senate: Vincent DeStazio & Daniel Hamzany
Crisis Central: Jack Meadows
Crisis Committee 1:  Yahli Kaminer & Tannos Hamad
Crisis Committee 2:  Eden Hadar & Noya Karcz
Ariel Efrat & Natalie Jabour
Simone Larose & Laila Shehab
Historical Security Council: 
Human Rights:Alex Shaashoua & Maya Hamovic
NGO: Angelita Khan & Adele Stoller
Security Council 2021: Eitan Fischer & Oren Jian
Special Committee:  
Territorial Disputes: Amir Qashoua & Ronald Rakov
Trade and Development: Noa Elfen & Laila Amory
Who Committee: Anna Hettleman & Oren Sitton

Crisis Backroom: Alex Grubacic & Gaia Kinrot

About the TIMEMUN conference:


The Israel Middle East Model United Nations (TIMEMUN) conference takes place in mid-February every year at the Walworth Barbour American International School  in Even Yehuda, Israel.  Our first conference took place in 2000, and we have grown from a small event with only a few participating schools into an event which hosts 50 schools (Israeli Jewish and Arab schools, and international) and close to 600 participants in 2019.

TIMEMUN 2020 will take place from February 16-18.  Our Sunday Opening Ceremonies begin at 14:30 and feature a processional of all the country delegations, with welcoming addresses by the WBAIS administration and TIMEMUN Advisors and the Secretariat.  We also have a Keynote address and a musical performance.  Students are then dismissed to their committees, which include: Disarmament, ECOSOC, Environment, Human Rights, Joint Crisis Committee, Regional Cooperation, Security Council, Special Committee on Restarting the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks, Territorial Disputes, and Trade and Development. There is also a Conflict Resolution Committee that brings together Arab and Jewish students who examine the impact of the ongoing conflict in their own lives.

Each committee has two presiding chairs.  Over the course of 3 days, there are 5-6 committee sessions in which delegates will discuss two major issues. A guest speaker is also invited to each committee to bring some real world expertise into the discussion.

Breakfast and lunch are served on Monday, Feb. 17 and Tuesday, Feb 18. On the second evening of the conference (Monday), there is a gala dinner and dance which ends at 22:00.  Kosher, vegetarian and vegan options are available.

On Tuesday, the final day of the conference, committees are in session until 15:00, followed by Closing Ceremonies until 16:30.


Conference Fees

In TIMEMUN, there is a delegation fee, and an individual delegate fee.

  • Delegations (up to a maximum of 11 students) are charged a Delegation Fee of 800 NIS.
  • Students are charged a Delegate Fee of 350 NIS each.


For payment and invoicing, please contact:

Dvora Cardozo
Tel: +972-9-8901000, extension 448.
Please note that checks must be made out to WBAIS.

When mailing payment, please use the address listed below.

Walworth Barbour American International School
P.O. Box 484, 65 Hashomron Street, Even Yehuda 40500 – Israel

Financial Aid

One of our goals to make sure that the conference fees never prevent any individual or school from participating. Therefore, you may request financial aid as part of the registration process.

Please pay close attention to the following guidelines:

  • Financial aid is NOT given in the form of cash. If your school is granted financial aid, the amount granted will be subtracted from the fees you have to pay to attend the conference. It cannot be used to pay for hotels or transportation.
  • Because financial aid funds are limited, please consider carefully how much you need before you make your request. Students should be encouraged to pay at least part of the conference fee, if possible, so that we can allocate these funds as fairly as possible to those schools and students that need the most help.
  • The deadline for requesting financial aid is November 1, 2019.
To apply for financial aid, click here: