Press and Media Opportunities

Journalist Committee: The journalist committee will not be a standard committee, and will instead report on the other committees’ debates. Each journalist will be assigned a news corporation (CNN, Fox Media, etc.) and will write one article per day regarding the debates. Additionally, if wanted, journalists will have the opportunity to practice their photography skills by adding pictures to their articles. These articles will be published on the TIMEMUN Homepage during the conference. The aim of this committee is to give students real-world practice in journalism and writing articles, along with strengthening their writing and analysis skills.

If you or your delegate would like to be on the journalist committee, please fill out this form.

The committee will be run and managed by the USG of Press and Media, Tess Welbes. If you have any questions regarding the committee, please contact her here – | +972 58 654 5613 (WhatsApp)