The Virtual TIMEMUN 2021 will take place on Friday February 12, and on Sunday-Monday, February 14-15, 2021.

Sign Up for our Mailing List for TIMEMUN 2021 here
Sign Up for our Mailing List for TIMEMUN 2021 here

The Israel Middle East Model United Nations (TIMEMUN) is a student-led simulation of the United Nations that is in its 21st year at AIS. Last year, TIMEMUN hosted more than 550 students from Israeli and Arab schools, as well as participants from international schools.

Students experience the intensity and rewards of dealing with global politics, researching and debating issues, drafting policy papers, and interacting with peers from different cultures and countries. In addition to honing their academic and leadership skills, students learn about cultural differences, and to view issues empathetically from multiple viewpoints.

Model United Nation is an activity dating back more than seventy years when students held a series of Model League of Nations. For more than fifty years, students around the world have simulated the UN. These simulations take different forms and are initiated for a variety of reasons.
The educational value of this simulation is to expose the students to a different type of learning experience. By participating in this type of simulation, students will:

  • Sharpen problem solving techniques
  • Improve research and communication skills
  • Learn tolerance towards diverse groups who hold different opinions

Most Model UN conferences follow a similar structure. Students prepare for the conference by researching their delegation’s viewpoint and devising a solution (resolution) for the issues of their committee. In conference lobbying, they work with a small number of other delegates to come to a compromise on their different solutions, and submit one official resolution for their small group. During debate time, these resolutions are debated by the entire committee and voted on. If passed by the committee, the resolution may continue on to the General Assembly where all conference participants debate it.

Model UN is not just hard work. The conference itself has many enjoyable aspects, especially during lobbying and debate time. Social activities are also planned, and students quickly develop close friendships with their fellow delegates, some of whom may live in different countries.

Established under the auspices of the American Embassy in 1958, The Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel (WBAIS) is a private, co-educational Pre-kindergarten through Grade 12 international school offering an American program leading to a US high school diploma. WBAIS has four levels: Early Years, Elementary School (Grade K-5), Middle School (Grade 6-8), and High School (Grade 9-12). The first year of formal, full day education begins in Kindergarten.

With a present enrollment of over 600 students representing over 50 nationalities, we are a diverse and vibrant community. Approximately 40% of our students are Americans, 20% are Israelis and the remainder hail from countries from all over the world. Many of our families are in Israel with the diplomatic corps, but a substantial number of families are here with multi-national companies.