Tremors in the Knesset


It’s always a scary word. 

Thinking about it makes everyone ‘go nuts’ as some would say. I thought it could happen at any time, not knowing what the consequences would be, if you would supervise or not, or what would happen next. 

Israel is in a location that is very vulnerable to earthquakes; therefore, it is expected that a significant earthquake could hit Israel in the near future. It is not possible to predict when or how strong the earthquake will be; however, the impacts of it can be mitigated through preparation.

It has come to the Knesset’s attention that Israel could be harmed at any moment now. But we, as a country, are not ready for it. 

The majority of the delegations in the Knesset community strongly agree that, as a country, we need to be prepared because, as I said before, we never know when, where, or even how it can harm us. 

“The Ministry of Education is recognizing the importance of preparing our country for an earthquake. Many buildings around the county are not strong enough to stand during an earthquake, so they must be replaced. More money and time should be put into building this topic for the safety of our country and citizens, which are the most important things for us all.” 

I highly agree with the Ministry of Education. Yet, there is one important thing he didn’t talk about, which is the students. 

Like right now, the Ministry of Education is building a program on how to operate schools around the country and help the students. I believe that in times like this, each office, like the ministry of education, the ministry of finance, and many more, needs to address this issue while keeping a close look over their office job. Because if not, I don’t think they will have an office to run when the earthquake hit them. 

Press Director –  Adi Esther Lahmi

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