The committee began with the shocking news of President Ellis’s kidnapping, by the Ten Rings organisation. He and other world leaders, such as the president of India, had been held as hostages in the UN building in Geneva by the terror organisation. In other news, Thor managed to close the portal in Buenos Aires, but the president was still held hostage by Loki. Bruce Banner states: “In order to save the president we need heroes to locate Loki first. Therefore we should split up the minor force to save the president.”. Dr Hank Pym also suggests Natasha Romanoff sneak in to save President Ellis using one of his wasp suits.
A Backroom update informed that agent Maria Hill and Thor went to Berlin to find Eric Selvig, a researcher with enough information and technology to help the team save the planet from Loki’s attacks and the Chitauri invasions. But Selvig was moved by someone in the committee and was not in Germany.
Furthermore, the president of Pakistan had been assassinated by the president of India, who had just been free of the hostage situation. Later, it was made known that the Indian president had been brainwashed by Loki, and with Agent Coulsen’s help – things were calmed down with the prime minister of Pakistan.

The Avengers were struck by another new problem: an invasion by Loki and the Chitauri in New York – the largest one yet. But thanks to the team’s investigation, Eric Selvig was found! He was spotted trying to be moved out of Shanghai by a Malachi, a hydra agent, which had used other Nazi agents and suits that belonged to Iron Man in order to move Dr. Selvig around.

A backrooms update informed the team that Captain Marvel and Ronan the Destroyer are fighting in space over earth, which has made a spot in the committee for Captain Marvel – instead of Pamela Douglas. Also, Loki has joined the debate, replacing Malecha.

Due to the invasion in New York, all civilians of the city were moved to North Carolina by president Ellis using shields aircrafts.

At the end of the committee, Thor, Stark and Ant man flew to help Captain Marvel defeat Ronan the destroyer, and succeeded in his defeat. Also, thanks to Hank Pym’s ants, Loki’s location was found and all heroes are available to defeat him. In other news, Bruce Banner and Hawkeye managed to close the portal in New York, thus saving the city and killing all Chitauri aliens.

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