Trump’s legal team

Yesterday, the day ended with Kendra Whartons summoning of a lawyers meeting, including: Alan Dershowitz, Chris Kise, Todd Blanche, John Lauro and Evan Concoran.

The committee had quite the startling beginning, in which Alan Dershowitz was fired by Trump from his team, due to his going against the subject by planning to get him out of the elections. He was replaced by Nikki Haley (who served as the 116th governor of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017).

After an interview with Kendra Wharton, we found out that three additional lawyer’s meetings were summoned today, which focused on two main goals:
Preventing Ivanka Trump from destroying Trump’s reputation,
Preventing Ivanka Trump from running for presidency.
The solutions suggested by Wharton included her role as lead attorney in Trump’s case against Ivanka, in which she stated she “would make the whole thing seem like a petty attempt in disqualifying Trump from running”.
We spoke with Ivanka as well, who claimed to have found new documents in her father’s private home that belonged to the white house and were used by him during his time as president. Ivanka is now working with Anthony Scaramucci and Tucker Carlson. In her words: “America is facing a problem. Biden has medical issues and Trump could never be honest. That’s why I’m running, I want to be a good president without legal issues.”
After an update from the Backrooms, we learned that Ivanka had opened a clothing brand, and invited all members but her father to join her. Furthermore, the pumpkin club (white supremacy movement led by Donald Trump) has been separated into two groups; one led by Micheal Cheung, and the other led by Mark Burns. There was a war between two groups, which led to them merging, and Caroline being led by the pumpkin club. The country was renamed “Pumpkinlina”.
Also, there was an anonymous leak to the backrooms that Nikki Haley was planning with Trump on killing his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to prevent her from sabotaging his campaign. Not to mention the assasination attempt on Trump Jr., in which his bodyguard died tragically.
Due to the team’s lack of focus, Trump went on trial and is facing prison time for all his indictments. Therefore, Trump junior stated that Trump will step down from the re-elections for president in order to become the first president of Pumpkinlina. In other news, it was notified that Donald Trump and Todd Blanche were seen oiled up and wrestling.
In a shocking turn of events’ Micheal chen faked his death and is now back in te committee! Also, Steven Cheung died tragically and is replaced by Melania Trump. Furthermore, after a tip-ex accident – Scaramucci was sent to the hospital and was replaced by DeSantis.
The committee ended with the shocking death of Joe Biden, who claimed that the 2020 elections were rigged.
Also, Pumpkinlina celebrates its first leader! An anonymous Chinese white supremacist.


Aya Bauch, Journalist

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